Join Me for One Day in California This November and Discover How to Have More Truth Within and Finally Open up Your Heart to Receiving The Love and The Life You Deserve

During this event we will be going deep into:

* Reveal and release programs stopping you from being in a loving relationship

* Commitment: Recognising your conditional love you receive and why, but also what you give conditionally out of fear, with your saboteur unconsciously running the show

* Open Communication From The Heart: Releasing the blockages from your heart as well as techniques and exercises to open you up to your own self and truth

* The 5 Aspects Of Attraction: What intentions, actions and energetic, mental and emotional beliefs are you holding that is creating in your partner (s) what you no longer want to experience. During the day we will strip away the layers and programs that are running your relationships and life

* The Power of Your Breath and Connection: Exercises and techniques to connect not only with yourself, but with others.

* Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energy: How your energy and where you sit at any point during interaction with the opposite sex, affects everything from your sex life, to how much love or money you receive

* The Power Of Forgiveness: Of yourself and all those who have ever loved you or not as it may have been. We will get you to release the pain, embrace the truth and give you peace to move forward to experience what you want to.

*Learning why People show up the way they do
*Understanding The Sayer Method and how it can change your life

Come and join us on November 10th:
La Costa Greens Presidio, 
2341 Lapis Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009, USA

Registration Starts At 9.15AM, Starts 10AM sharp
Finishes 6pm 
Why Should You Attend The Truth Within?

"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom". Once we know ourselves, we are able to understand and interact with all aspects of life so much more ease and grace!

That may sound a sweeping statement, but it's true.

Once you can understand the laws of The Universe, then you can truly start to unravel what the lessons are that you are here to learn on your path to awakening and aligning with your soul's true purpose.

Every experience shows up in your life for a reason and during the course of the day, we will be diving deep into why those experiences are part of you re-remembering who you truly are.
With tools to release programs that no longer serve you and equipping you with the knowledge to create whatever experiences you want to attract into your life, you will leave with an inner peace and actionable steps to start living more i alignment with the enjoyable experiences your soul signed up for.

So if you want to:

  • Understand yourself and as a result others
  • Understand WHY everything is showing up in your life and how to therefore change it
  • Understand how The Universe works and the path you are currently walking
  • Live life from a place of inspiration

...then you can't afford not to attend this event

Not only that, but we will be giving you the experiential insight into:

  • How to break down the signs The Universe is reflecting back at you
  • Understanding what's been stopping you from achieving what you want in all areas of your life
  • Have the opportunity to experience the simplicity and power of The Sayer Method in releasing anything that stops you from moving forward in life
  • Learn your No1 sabotaging program that's part of this matrix we call life and how to overcome it
  • Learn how to flow with life and recognise the synchronicities subtly guiding you
  • Ask all the questions you have around how your life is currently looking
What you can expect on Saturday...
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