Struggling With Commitment?

Struggling with commitment

Men always struggle with settling down with commitment.  Maybe you’re not seeing the BIG picture on why you’re sabotaging what you care about most.. How you do one thing is how you do everything right? I’ve heard this way too many times touted by speakers on stage as something cool to say to make their point, to the point where I disregarded it as holding any value. HOWEVER… “How something…

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Lessons I Learned From My Past Relationships

my past relationships

I have experienced many unexpected ups and downs in my childhood and learned some hard earned lessons specially from my past relationships. Anyway 10 years ago life was pretty good, pretty stress free.. then BOOM! I was dating this girl Becky or “Crazy Becky” as my mates affectionately coined her. Having worked with so many men clients over the last year in particular, there’s something that strikes me over and…

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How long should you wait?

how long should you wait

How long should you wait?  No not until you sleep with her! You know the feeling. You meet someone so hot, so beautiful, you get on so well AND she gives you her number.. You wake up the next day thinking about her… shit you’ve dreamed about her.. NOW WHAT? “Do I text her right away? Do I give it a few days?” “Should I have locked her into another meet…

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Why Men FAIL – No 1!

why man fail

Today I will explain why men fail and what you need to avoid it. Mark posted a great challenge the other day to go up to women and have a chat.  GREAT.. except for one thing I guarantee you’re probably doing and it’s fucking up your whole dynamic with women… YOU TREAT WOMEN YOU LIKE differently to women you don’t want to connect with. When we are seeking approval, without realising…

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Why Women love mystery!

Women Love Mystery

WOMEN love mystery! I’ve had way too many clients in recent weeks sat on my sofa, not understanding WHY their girlfriend, female friend… wife even has been creating space while they are desperately seeking to make the relationship work. It’s annoying at times, but it’s a FACT of life. WHY?? I’ll get to that.. Women will love YOU if you are your own person despite what anyone thinks of you,…

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Importance Of Delving Deeper In Understanding

delve deeper in understanding

Today I am going to debunk the importance of delving deeper in understanding and thank you so much for your responses guys. It’s really helping me with some research I’m doing with clients and in general.  One of the things, that if you feel nervous or insecure in any way when it comes to women and even your more masculine peers, is to check in with your judgement of yourself.…

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Why I Left Vipassana Before The End Of The 10 days

Why I left Vipassana Before the end of the 10 days

This is the part 3 of “Speaking MY TRUTH”. Today will share, Why I left Vipassana Before the end of the 10 days. If you don’t know me. If you don’t know yourself, I suggest you read this! The “One Thing” I would instill in my younger self above all else.. IS.. Developing my own internal compass for discerning truth. With every client, mentee and anyone who comes to one…

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WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT – Don’t Read If You Are Easily Upset.

The midwife to my mum. He doesn't speak much does he.

When we see WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT then we started getting curious whatever there is written like don’t read or don’t scroll down if you are easily upset, sad or whatever. So, this is the story.. read it carefully The midwife to my mum. “He doesn’t speak much does he.” At that moment I ran outside in the rain… naked. Don’t ask me why, but I was a fuc*ed up little…

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