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Podcast Episode 6: What Dreams Are You Holding Off
What is it that you’re waiting for, for you to go after your dreams?   What I mean by this
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Gotta strip it down to build it back up
We’ve all heard the analogy about Tiger Woods working on his golf swing in a different way.. getting worse for
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Podcast Episode 5: Do You Truly Believe
I’ve always believed, from about the age of 5, that there was more to life that what I saw in
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Podcast Episode 4: Can A Leopard Change It’s Spots
Do you really believe someone who was so set in their ways can change?   Did you really understand their
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“What a fantastic event yesterday and once again it was a complete honour to be part of Duke’s Crew!! I truly believe that each brave soul that attended is definitely not looking to settle for less in life than they deserve!! I highly recommend if you feel the same to attend a future event!! Your deserve it ❤️”
— Lynn Avis
“Just wanted to say thank you Duke and Crew for yet another amazing soul/energy shifting day! Literally so tired but so buzzing right now I’m definitely feeling some kind of energetic shift!!!! So amazing to meet a lot of new ppl and our group 7 peeps in person too!!!! Just simply awesome! ✨✨✨✨✨✨ wow, wow, WOW! 🙏🏽💖❤️🤩🤗Thank you so so much! ”
— ‎Veebha Mistry

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