Why Women love mystery!

Women Love Mystery

WOMEN love mystery! I’ve had way too many clients in recent weeks sat on my sofa, not understanding WHY their girlfriend, female friend… wife even has been creating space while they are desperately seeking to make the relationship work. It’s annoying at times, but it’s a FACT of life. WHY?? I’ll get to that.. Women will love YOU if you are your own person despite what anyone thinks of you,…

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Importance Of Delving Deeper In Understanding

delve deeper in understanding

Today I am going to debunk the importance of delving deeper in understanding and thank you so much for your responses guys. It’s really helping me with some research I’m doing with clients and in general.  One of the things, that if you feel nervous or insecure in any way when it comes to women and even your more masculine peers, is to check in with your judgement of yourself.…

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WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT – Don’t Read If You Are Easily Upset.

The midwife to my mum. He doesn't speak much does he.

When we see WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT then we started getting curious whatever there is written like don’t read or don’t scroll down if you are easily upset, sad or whatever. So, this is the story.. read it carefully The midwife to my mum. “He doesn’t speak much does he.” At that moment I ran outside in the rain… naked. Don’t ask me why, but I was a fuc*ed up little…

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