When a Past Life Holds You Back From Releasing Your Book..

past life holds you back from releasing your book

It’s Accreditation season here in the land of The Sayer Method. Group 6 + 7 are completing their course and as such I thought I’d share some of the processes they (lucky them get tested on yours truly) do on me in the coming weeks. 😉 As you go on reading the post you will see how past life is holding you back from releasing your own book. The illusion for…

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hug life for spiritual gangsters

Its funny… I only came on Facebook to share that I’m going off grid for a little while in prep for Saturday’s event.. Then this was right at the top of my phone’s newsfeed. Like right at the top! For anyone who’s ever ran an even slightly “spiritual” event or otherwise.. you will know that you get taken through growth whether you like it or not…. And sometimes my EGO…

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Importance Of Delving Deeper In Understanding

delve deeper in understanding

Today I am going to debunk the importance of delving deeper in understanding and thank you so much for your responses guys. It’s really helping me with some research I’m doing with clients and in general.  One of the things, that if you feel nervous or insecure in any way when it comes to women and even your more masculine peers, is to check in with your judgement of yourself.…

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