As you know I like to read! A LOT.. you never know what you’re going to gleam from a book until you read it. Someone else’s life work sometimes.. their thoughts, feelings, integration, put down on paper for you to learn from… frankly see it as an honour. Sometimes it’s one sentence you needed to read in that moment, other times it’s a life changing perspective altering concept that you simply didn’t know you didn’t know!

The last few days after attending an event at the weekend, I realised I had started playing smaller then I originally set out to. I know I have a gift. A gift to get people to integrate the things that happened to them and for them to realise who they truly really are and why those things happened and where they’re going, BUT an interview with Matt Lowman a conversation or two with Dilara Tetik and too many other people to mention as well as a homeless man last night, reminded me of what I want to leave behind when I die.

It took me 12 years to get to the truth of what was going on in my life physically, mentally and every other way besides… once I discovered the truth, everything flowed from there… but until that point I had no idea what I didn’t know I didn’t know!

And chatting to the homeless man last night it killed me that he didn’t think he could take my food (consisting mainly of nuts) as he didn’t have a plate to eat them with. YES maybe drugs, maybe alcohol, but ultimately he was so set on the belief that he had no way out other than to beg on the street for some pennies here and there and sleep it out on Clapham Common.

It’s frankly an abomination (particularly the men) who have no other way when living on the street. No handout without an address and women and children given precedence as being at higher risk. The system needs shaking up and it starts with education!

Every time I create a video, write a post, share a picture it’s with one ultimate aim..

THAT anyone who reads it who ever felt as lost as I did, who couldn’t see a way out the way I did, gets to see there’s another way out, to see that what happened to them happened for a reason (there are simply no coincidences in life) and ultimately that they can be more then what they were ever led to believe you could be!

We all have something we are here to do, we all have people assigned to us that we are supposed to help along the way.

When I interviewed Matt Lowman for my podcast, it hit me. Hit me hard. Yes I’m on my way to achieving my goals and doing all the things I want to do, but I still have some goals that I view as “WHEN’s”…

WHEN I achieve X amount of reputation I’ll influence this space

WHEN I have X amount of income I’ll help these people

WHEN I have done X amount resources I’ll setup Y..

BUT as Eric Ho at his event Super Power Live so eloquently puts, what if we start just doing those things now and the universe delivers from that space.

WHAT DO I Mean…?

AS my mentor and friend Sonia Miller puts..WHAT IF we feel how it feels to be in that place already, to be doing those things already to know that feeling…and as a result we attract what we need to achieve it!

LAST NIGHT after a few days restructuring, replanning and (re)goal setting I realised that I’d been playing small and keeping my contribution goals in the future. I have now tripled my 10X’ed my income goal and then x’d by 3 again as the income I need to do what I want to in future, NO now.. and help the people I want to help NOW!

AND when I got up this morning, I did my goal writing within my usual morning routine AND then this book (thrown out, slightly wet and no cover left on it) caught my attention across the street on the ground through the corner of my eye…

Coincidence?? What do you think?


What are you putting off until you’ve achieve X result that will then allow you to that goal…AND

WHAT IF you just started DOING now and BEING who you need to be in your perceived future NOW in this moment…

What possibilities and goals might you achieve sooner then you ever thought you could achieve?!

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