Last night I asked you “What scares the shit out of you?”

I know you’ve heard “Do something every day that scares you”…

Every man and his Dog quoting it.. and there is some truth in it, but it goes deeper.

FEAR really is the direct opponent in your Souls want for change.

However you see The Game we call life, whether it’s God Vs The Devil, Darkness Vs Light or just you, The Universe and a group of celestial beings looking to assist you in re-remembering who you truly are and where you came from, it doesn’t matter…. your brain is the filtration system for this 3D reality and The FEAR is just part of the experience you signed up for.. whatever your belief.

THE GAME then 99% of the time, like a boos at the of a level on a computer game, is to get past the fear at each level as you grow.

“I thought I’d dealt with this?!”

Yes you did, but now you’ve grown and as a result there’s a new layer of going through that fear. The boss has come back with an extra move and you gotta figure out how to now defeat the same boss with different skills.

“But what if It actually happens?”

Yeah it could, but stages of Soul says that likely that fear is more founded in lifetimes gone by. You’re in the later stages of your Souls experience and therefore your Soul is going through more experiences that are all actually just in the mind.

You’re no longer going to get killed, or never have someone who can connect with you again… your cells in your body and your memories in your brain might remember a different reality, but The Game is more about creating your reality and getting past the fear rather than having to be in a life or death situation again.


When you move towards your fears with awareness and take action, as scary as it might be (and nobody says there’s any rush!) you can reap the benefit of overall vibration raising as you integrate and release wherever that fear came from as well as continually re-training and teaching your EGO that doing shit that scares you, as logical or irrational as your FEAR may be, can result in a positive outcome.

In other areas of life, where the fear can be perfectly logical, but maybe not as strong as your deepest fears, taking action or BEing who you are can also become easier to grow into as your EGO gets used to this new way of being… letting go of the clutches of control bit by bit, each time you validate to yourself with a positive outcome that you didn’t die or lose connection.

So with your deepest FEARs or maybe those small ones that niggle away, ask yourself the following:

1) What’s the fear, where does it come from? When did you first feel it?
Is there a real fear beneath the obvious (such as heights is actually fear of being out of control)?

2) What baby or big steps can you take towards feeling more safe? Is it to have people around you? Confidence in yourself…? Ask yourself what you need to feel safe to take action towards your fear..

3) Put a stake in the ground. Pick a time and date not too long in the future to go do that scary thing.
Just the act of setting the time and date will bring up your fears and The Universe will be able to assist you when you make that clear declaration.

4) Know your WHY. If you don’t know why you’re doing it, you’re gonna struggle. Write out all the benefits as to why conquering that fear will benefit all areas of your life. Anchor it to something you really want.

5) Setup a reward for getting past that fear. It can be anything from your favourite food, all the way to a day out or holiday… there’s no limit, but make it something you really want to do or have that will give you a certain feeling that you can connect with.


It’s funny because before the start of 2018 I can’t say i’d felt fear for a while.. I mean proper fear. Being pulled out of your bed at night as a kid to be abused and having spirits ganging up on you kinda makes you robust in a superficial kinda way…. BUT remember The Universe may bring you programs and fears that you’ve not had before even for your next layer of growth. Or have forgotten due to pushing them down.

REMEMBER we’re not just clearing this lifetime, but many that have happened (and even not happened yet ) before and in doing so, amplify our experience that our Soul wants as we ascend with this planet…

AND at the beginning of the year I had fear brought back to me… I had my ass handed to me on a plate. Even driving around Iceland in January on treacherous roads and watching others crash. I didn’t even recognise myself…. and I was more scared then I let others see as I drove in 1st gear up and down ice laden mountains….

I thought “WTF why am I afraid, this isn’t me?!”

As a youngster the team I worked with driving trucks would get me to drive the dangerous bits cause I had no fear and would just floor it… I also crashed a lot… still no fear..


As the year has unravelled, I can’t say I get too excited by it, but each time a fear has come… I know the peace, clarity and upgrade is always going to follow and part of me knows something cool is coming…AND every time once I step through the fear it often instantly dissolves…

P.S. Bungee Jump is booked in for early 2019 and I can honestly say the thought if it makes me want to throw up! I’ve skydived and that was nothing..but Bungee jump…  Wish me luck!

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